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1 a substance used to ignite or kindle a fire [syn: igniter, lighter]
2 a device for lighting or igniting fuel or charges or fires; "do you have a light?" [syn: lighter, light, igniter]

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Ignitor is a heavy metal band based in Austin, Texas, USA.


Ignitor was formed in 2003 by Erika Tandy (ex-Autumn Tears, vocals), Stuart Laurence aka Batlord (lead guitar, ex-Agony Column), Pat Doyle (ex-Offenders, ex-Pocket Fishrmen, drums), Beverly Barrington (ex-T.A.N.G., rhythm guitar), and Brendon Bigelow (ex-T.A.N.G., bass guitar). In the spring of 2006, Beverly Barrigton left the band and was replaced with Annah Moore (ex-Boneglove, ex-Red Volution). The band has been compared to early metal acts, such as Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. In July 2005, the Austin Chronicle listed Erika Tandy number one in a list of top ten frontmen in Austin music. In mid-2007 both Tandy and Moore left the band to pursue other interests. Beverly Barrington rejoined Ignitor in January 2008, and the band is auditioning for vocal replacement.
Ignitor played the second Monterrey Mexico Metalfest in May of 2005, along with other bands such as Motörhead, Danzig, W.A.S.P., and Jag Panzer. They also played the Keep It True V festival in Germany alongside Raven, Virgin Steele and Slough Feg.
The video for Ignitor's song "Demonslayer" was aired on the television show America's Rising Star in May of 2006 on the Retro Television Network, and earlier in the year their song "Rockin' Roller Derby" was played on the A&E Network show Rollergirls, though it did not appear on the show's official soundtrack. The band was also featured in episode #6 of Pure Metal Sickness!, an Austin, Texas based cable series which highlights the local metal scene.


  • Take to the Sky (2004)
  • Road of Bones (2007)
A further limited run of Take to the Sky was produced on vinyl LP by Dies Irae Records of Brazil in 2005, which featured two additional tracks.
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